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I am extremely happy that I found Community Internet Providers. Their service is rock solid. Bandwidth is as advertised or better. Latency to Dallas is 8ms (eight milliseconds people!). It doesn't matter, day or night, I'm always connected and I can count on the service being there for me. You can't beat their installation crews. You can't beat their customer service. And you definitely can't beat their network back haul or price.
Currently have 23 devices connect, many streaming simultaneously. Amazingly, sill obtaining the speeds that I pay for. Cannot brag enough about Community Internet Provider
For the first time EVER we can stream video!! Excellent customer service. They don't throttle you back like the "unlimited" satellite service that we had previously. It costs us less monthly and has 100x better service!!
We are very pleased with Community Internet Providers. From our initial phone call for more information to the install, they have been very professional. They are courteous, friendly, helpful and prompt. There are no phone prompts to go through and then wait on hold "forever" only to have the call routed to an outside call center. With C.I.P., you speak to hometown folks! The installer showed up on the dot for our appointment and was in and out in 1 1/2 hours. Our speeds are as advertised and we have had no issues with buffering - even while using multiple devices at the same time. (web browsing, email, videos, gaming, etc.) The service has stayed active during rain, etc. This company offers TRUE unlimited access for a fair price! (with NO throttling!) The company we used to have throttled our service so much that it was unusable much of the time. Couldn't even open emails! NOT with C.I.P.! We highly recommend Community Internet Providers.
Best internet providers ever! Seriously! We’ve had them almost 2 years and can count on one hand how many times the internet has gone down, but it’s always quickly fixed. Even during this snow and ice we’ve only lost connection for a few minutes
From even before we got service I was impressed with the friendly hometown service. Having moved from Colorado with a similar service and during snow storms we’d periodically lose service. That didn’t happen during the Texagedden cold and snow storm.

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